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Life after Death
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angel handsOne of the most traumatic and devastating things of all for a parent, is the death of a son or a daughter in early childhood. We grieve for the child, as we knew him or her, and also for the potential life that our child has lost.  It seems as if our child’s future and even our own future has come to an abrupt and final end.

And yet, despite appearances, through Emanuel Swedenborg’s experiences we have reason to believe that the lost child does have a future - a wonderful growing, maturing and expanding future where his or her true potential can develop.

In his many experiences of the spiritual world Swedenborg discovered that every child, wherever born is received into heaven. It doesn’t matter whether a child is baptised or not, whether the parents have a religious faith or not, what colour of skin the child had or whether the child was disabled in any way. The Lord loves all children as special individuals and provides for all their needs individually.

A child who died as a baby is still a baby after death; a child who died as a teenager is still that child after death. When children wake up in the spiritual world after death, they are lovingly looked after by angels, who in their own earthly lives had loved and cared for children. The angels love the children they care for as their own. The children play as normal children play and they are educated in beautiful surroundings where their own unique personalities develop.

All children grow up to become angels, for angels are human beings who once lived in the earthly world. In the heavenly world the child is surrounded by beauty, tenderness and innocence. As a child grows in wisdom and intelligence he grows in stature until she or he is an angelic being in adult form. These angel children then remain in early adulthood, the spring - time of life, until eternity.

The death of a child always hurts while we live in this world. One of the uses of angels in heaven is to send comforting thoughts into our minds. Perhaps this will be one of the uses that your special angel child may grow to fulfil.

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