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A thrilling story, but a bewildering one! You very likely know the story of how David the shepherd boy defeated Goliath, the huge and terrifying Philistine warrior, then how he and the king’s son Jonathan became the closest of friends. These are happy stories often taught to children. Have you heard or read, though, about David’s wild cultic dancing, when as king he brought the Ark of God to Jerusalem, and how his wife Michal despised him for it? Or about his grief when his favourite son Absalom led a rebellion against him, and greater grief when Absalom died in the battle that followed?



So begins Ian Johnson's new book Discovering David which is now available to download freely from this web site. Ian continues his introduction with these words:

I firmly believe that David reflects something important and noble in our human nature. Why else should he have been remembered with such respect and love through many centuries? If we can find the ‘David’ in ourselves, let him tackle our inner enemies with his amazing drive and confidence in his God, while encouraging our true character with generosity and compassion, then he will build a strong kingdom in us – a character of power, wealth and beauty! Then through us and others he may build ‘God’s kingdom’ in the world around. Ian offers Discovering David as a resource book in which he attempts to share the meaning that he has found in the stories of David in the hope that others will also find powerful and beautiful messages.

To read and print a copy of Discovering David click here: Discovering David


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