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Emanuel SwedenborgThe world over, the works of Swedenborg are read by those who are searching for, and value, new insights into mankind's spirituality. His teachings and visions and the spiritual wisdom they contain, are presented in a rational and scientific manner, because he himself said that truth must be always understood in the clear light of reason.  He rejected blind faith which forces believers to confess what they cannot understand.

Emanuel Swedenborg was born in Sweden in 1688, a son of a Lutheran Bishop. After a university education he followed a scientific career and continued his studies in England where he was an admirer of Isaac Newton. After his return he worked for the King of Sweden as an engineer and then became a member of the Board of Mines as a mining consultant and metallurgist. he brought the Swedish steel and copper industries up to date and had considerable influence on the early English iron industry which adopted his methods. He continued to study other sciences and to publish his research papers.

In middle age, he turned to anatomy in his search for the human soul, and made remarkable advances and anticipations concerning the operation of the body. He discovered the function of the motor areas of the cerebral lobes; the synchronicity of the function of the brain and the lungs; the function of the ductless glands and of the cerebro-spinal fluid.

But the discovery of the soul eluded him. At the age of 57 Emanuel Swedenborg was granted a direct perception of the spiritual world, a perception which he recognised as a revelation from God. He gave up his career as a scientist and philosopher, a career which was bringing considerable fame throughout Europe, and made preparations to publish theological works which contained the spiritual truths he was shown and experienced. he understood this event as the birth of the New Age when it is to be "permitted to enter with the understanding into the mysteries of faith" by means of the spiritual truths which were being revealed to mankind through him. For the first time, a highly trained scientific intellect was used to describe spiritual laws and principles by observing the life of the spirit.

In England he found freedom of thought and so the press, and travelled to London many times in order to publish his works there. This is also where he died at the age of 84. Swedenborg neither preached nor gathered any congregations around him believing that the truth would be accepted when people were ready.


A new biography of Swedenborg has recently been published in English.

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