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There are two major publishers of Swedenborg's works.

Swedenborg Society

The Swedenborg Society was established in London in 1810 for the purpose of printing and publishing the works of Emanuel Swedenborg. It is active in producing both English translations and supporting translations in many other languages.

Swedenborg Foundation

The Swedenborg Foundation was founded in 1849 in New York as the American Swedenborg Printing and Publishing Society. It has recently commenced a new series of translations for the 21st century under the title 'New Century Edition'.


Online Video

The Swedenborg Channel

A further illumination of the life, philosophy, and spiritual thinking of Emanuel Swedenborg.


Online Books

The following links are included in this site to online versions of Swedenborg's Writings.

Divine Love and Wisdom

Heaven and Hell

True Christian Religion


Spiritual Retreat

Purley Chase Centre


Further Study

Swedenborg Open Learning Centre

The centre supports study of and reflection on the Biblical Word, the theological works of Emanuel Swedenborg and the personal and pastoral application of the principles of life described in these works.


Other Sites


God is Love


The purpose of this site is to present 12 Key Areas of Teaching found in the Theological Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg and to publish regular posts on subjects drawn from the Word of God and the Writings which shed light on life.



Apocalypse of John


The purpose of this site is to present an online version of a printed catalogue of an Exhibition of Original Designs by G Roland Smith on The Apocalypse of John. The exhibition was first displayed at the Hayes Conference Centre, Swanwick, Derbyshire, in July 2010.


Spiritual Questions


Spiritual Questions is aimed at spiritual seekers who may wish to ask questions and share their views with others looking to understand the spiritual side of life. We also show posts covering inner experience and psycho-spiritual ideas, together with comments.


Information Swedenborg

This site invites you to explore and find out more about the life and work of Emanuel Swedenborg.

Swedenborg Movement

Articles on personal growth, emotional problems, social issues etc from a Swedenborgian perspective.


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