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What can colours tell us about the balance in our lives?

How does the symbolism of the rainbow help us to develop our spiritual awareness?

 "There is nothing in the world of nature that does not portray something in the world of spirit."    Emanuel Swedenborg

Welcome all Spiritual Seekers

Aim of the day: To use the symbolism of the rainbow and the different energies of colours to better understand and connect with our soul.

The day will include: time to reflect on the seven colours of the rainbow discussion on the symbolism of the rainbow rainbow meditations personal and small group reflection creative time – playing with colour books, cards, DVD’s available to buy


Dates and Venues:

31st October 2009          West Wickham, Kent

6th March 2010               New Barnet, Hertfordshire

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20th March 2010             Tuckton, Bournemouth

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26th June 2010     Kearsley, Lancashire

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A RAINBOW is something unexpected and we have a childlike delight in discovering it and seeing its beauty. It makes us stop and look and wonder. The rainbow is seen in the sky but it reaches down to earth – heaven and earth together – connected in that moment. Perhaps in the rainbow we can begin to see an aspect of what it is to be human – to be a bridge between what is spiritual and what is concerned with living in the physical world.

The rainbow shows up most against a dark cloud – is it when we are immersed in spiritual darkness that these ‘rainbow’ moments shine through. We have an insight into both what is real and true and in contrast our existing limited illusions. The juxtaposition of these two (what is real and what is illusory) moves us on in our spiritual development.

When we reflect on spiritual concepts it’s like peeling an onion – you begin with what is the outer layer and start taking off the layers – going deeper. This workshop is about peeling back the layers of the symbolism of the rainbow, exploring and sharing the discovery together. At the core of this is the concept of energy and how it is experienced by each of us at different levels – the physical, mental and emotional and the spiritual. During the day we will reflect on how to find balance in our lives and be authentic and true to our spiritual or higher self.