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Emanuel Swedenborg
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swedenborg's secretThere have been many biographies of Emanuel Swedenborg printed over the last 150 years including in the 20th Century, Life of Emanuel Swedenborg by George Trobridge first published in 1907, Emanuel Swedenborg Visionary Savant in the Age of Reason by Ernst Benz first published in 1948 and The Swedenborg Epic by Cyriel Odhner Sigstedt first published in 1952.

But in 1999 Swedenborg's Hemlighet (Swedenborg's Secret) by Lars Bergquist was published in Stockholm and this first major study of Swedenborg in over 50 years has now been translated into English and published by the Swedenborg Society, London.

Lars Bergquist, born 1930, is a writer and former diplomat having had postings in Paris, Moscow, London, Peking and the Vatican and he has published novels and diaries in Sweden and several books on Emanuel Swedenborg.

This new biography of Swedenborg provides a detailed account of his life and also shows how his ideas have influenced such diverse people as Immanuel Kant, William Blake, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Jorge Luis Borges. It is a beautifully designed and illustrated book and it aims to place Swedenborg as a founding figure of modern spirituality and Western philosophy.


lars bergquistThe picture on the left shows Lars Bergquist signing copies of his book at the launch of the biography at the premises of the Swedenborg Society in London.

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