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spiritual journeyA Spiritual Journey is a voyage of inner discovery taking us from the outer most external physical aspects of our lives deep into the recesses of our inner spiritual being. Such journeys have been described in many ways. For some the journey takes the form of a pathway to enlightenment or awakening whereas for others it is described as coming closer to and knowing God. The world’s sacred scriptures all describe in different ways this journey of the soul.

In the first chapter of Genesis, right at the start of the Bible, there is the well known account of the 7 days of creation – God made the world in 6 days and rested on the seventh. Sadly this story has become a battle ground between those who believe it is literally true and those who do not – both sides missing the real point of the story which is about the creation of a new inner life. It is an outline of our spiritual journey, step by step, from chaos to humanity, and acts as a preface for the whole Bible.

Emanuel Swedenborg used the term ‘regeneration’ to describe the transformational renewal that can take place if we allow ourselves to be led on the 7 Step Spiritual Journey described in the story of creation.


The stages and states of the regeneration of a person divide into six and are called the days of his creation. Gradually from not being a person at all, he first becomes something, though only little, then something more, until the sixth day is reached, when he becomes an image of God.

Arcana Caelestia 62


Each 'day' is therefore a distinct stage in the process of becoming a spiritual person. This is a creation story of how we are re-created.

Follow this description of the spiritual journey of regeneration as contained in the story of creation by clicking here:  

Spiritual Journey - Step 1


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