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Spiritual retreats

can provide an opportunity to find deeper meaning to life and can be wonderfully uplifting and lead to greater fulfilment. Taking time out in a spiritual retreat and leaving behind the problems of our busy materialistic world can provide an opportunity to think more deeply about what is going on in our inner lives.Spiritual Retreats - Purley Chase Centre

Throughout the ages wise people have realised that we live in two worlds at the same time, a physical outer world and a deeper inner spiritual world. The problem is that we get so absorbed by the state of our physical outer world that we donít spend enough time on the spiritual world within us. How many people, for example, struggling in a gym to improve their physical well-being, would spend just a little time on spiritual exercises to help them develop their inner world? Is this not a distorted view of our priorities, showing a lack of spiritual wisdom?

But giving priority to a spiritual retreat can offer the time and place to re-connect with your inner self and with others and to develop a greater spiritual awareness of the world around.


The Purley Chase Centre in Warwickshire in the UK offers a range of spiritual retreats and other activities, in tune with the philosophy of this Spiritual Wisdom web site,  to fulfil this need. Just click here - Purley Chase Centre - or on the image above to find out what is on offer.


For information on spiritual retreats in the form of one day spiritual workshops at other locations click here: Spiritual Workshops