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Majestic peaks, gushing torrents of crystal clear water, white clouds whipped across intense blue skies, the clean fresh shades of new leaves, golden daffodils quivering and dancing, new born lambs close by their mothers. All these images bring back to me the beauty and joy of the Lake District in springtime which itself is surely a reflection of heaven here on earth.

Look up to the mountains and we can see them as symbols or images inspiring in us feelings of the might and majesty of God. Look at the streams tumbling down the mountainsides and see the power of water strong enough to provide electricity, power machinery, and scour out the earth. Water, so vital for our bodies, is symbolic of truth that is vital for our minds

lambsLambs too may be felt as symbols of innocence. Tall straight trees in their spring greenery symbolise the upright person whose mind is reaching towards the wisdom and goodness of heaven.

It is amazing how the world of nature reflects so many of the emotions and activities of our minds. Emanuel Swedenborg points out that there is a correspondence or relationship between everything in the spiritual world and the natural world. Swedenborg writes ‘There is nothing in the natural world which does not represent something in the spiritual world or which has not something there to which it corresponds,’ and also ‘Correspondences teach their qualities.’ (quotations from Arcana Caelestia)

Different things in the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms have their spiritual counterparts and symbols. For example all animals correspond to different feelings or affections in the mind of a person; gentle useful animals such as sheep and horses symbolise good affections, fierce animals such as tigers or wolves generally picture evil qualities.  The whole Bible is written in correspondential language that gives it a deeper or spiritual sense.


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