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Emanuel Swedenborg
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This book, not published in Emanuel Swedenborg's lifetime, presents in a short but nevertheless detailed form some key revelations concerning the Word of the Lord. In it Swedenborg discusses the natural and spiritual sense of the Word and the concept of correspondences. He also shows that the myths and legends common in Greek and other ancient literature had their origins in this concept.

Here is how Swedenborg starts the section of the book on The Spiritual Sense of the Word:

Every single thing in nature has a correspondence with spiritual things. The same is true of every single part of the human body, as may be seen demonstrated in two chapters of my book on Heaven and Hell. But today it is not known what correspondence is. However, in the most ancient times the knowledge of correspondences was the queen of sciences, and so universally known that the most ancient people wrote all their tablets and books by means of correspondences. The myths of the earliest peoples were the same, as were the hieroglyphs of the Egyptians. The Book of Job, which was a book of the ancient church, is full of correspondences.