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Emanuel Swedenborg
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"But no-one's come back to tell us, have they?"

This is a common response when the subject of life after death comes up. But no-one has claimed longer or more detailed experiences of the spiritual dimension than Emanuel Swedenborg. In 'Heaven and Hell', Swedenborg's most popular book, he gathered together systematically most of his observations on the reality of the spiritual world and the nature of life after death.

Swedenborg introduces his work on Heaven and Hell with the following comment about the negative attitude of many people regarding the possibility of life continuing after death.

To prevent this negative attitude - especially prevalent among people who have acquired a great deal of worldly wisdom - from infecting and corrupting people of simple heart and simple faith, it has been granted me to be with angels and to talk with them person to person. I have also been enabled to see what is in heaven and in hell, a process that has been going on for thirteen years. Now I am being allowed therefore to describe what I have heard and seen, in the hopes of shedding light where there is ignorance, and of dispelling scepticism.  

An online version of Heaven and Hell can be viewed by following this link:

Heaven and Hell